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Window Tinting

Looking to put the finishing touch on your car or truck? Want additional privacy in your vehicle? Worried about UV exposure when you're on the road? To address all of these problems, and many others, call Autohaus Automotive for complete window tinting services. Whatever your reason for wanting window tint, our qualified installers offer quality window films, attractive finishes, and long-lasting results. So whether you want your ride to stand out from the crowd or you're looking to protect your family from the sun, we have what you're looking for in auto window tinting.

At Autohaus Automotive, we are proud to install Solar Gard's Galaxie window films for your window or windshield tint. These great products combine exceptional looks with lasting performance. Our car window tinting means improved:

  • Aesthetics: Auto window tinting is a wonderful way to customize your car or truck for just the look you want. With a range of shades available, Autohaus Automotive can help maximize your vehicle's appearance. Our qualified staff can work to help you find the best option for your auto tinting's aesthetic and performance requirements!
  • Heat Reduction: If you've ever parked your car outside on a hot summer day, you know the sky-high temperature your vehicle's interior can rocket to in just a few minutes. But did you know that window tint can dramatically decrease your car's or truck's solar heat gain? By reflecting the sun's rays, your car window tinting can keep your vehicle much cooler, increasing your summer driving comfort and protecting your car or truck interior from potential fading and heat damage.
  • UV Protection: UV rays can lead to skin cancer, the number-one type of cancer in the US. Tinting your car windows is a simple, effective way to protect you and other vehicle occupants from these harmful rays while you're on the road. Autohaus Automotive works with window and windshield tint that blocks 99% of UV rays for your protection. Especially for drivers who spend long hours in their vehicles, car window tint is a perfect solution for safeguarding your skin from dangerous UV rays. It even protects your car interior from fading and other UV damage.

Professional Window Tint for Cars and Trucks

Window tinting is definitely not something you should try at home! Both amateur window tint and cheap tint jobs simply can't give you the look, function, or longevity you want. Poorly installed car window tinting and low-quality film tend to fade, crack, bubble, or peel, leaving your car or truck looking less than great. For an automotive window tinting job you can trust to look and perform great both today and long-term, rely on Autohaus Automotive. Our professional installers have the expertise and know-how to effectively apply our quality window film to ensure your tint will look great and stay that way! In fact, with Solar Gard's limited lifetime warranty on their Galaxie products, you can be totally confident that you're getting only the best products and superior installation workmanship. Don't throw your money down the drain with amateur, cheap window tinting! Call Autohaus Automotive in Hayward for great prices on top-quality car window tinting done right. Contact us today or visit our showroom to get started.

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