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Backup Camera Installation

With all of their airbags, traction control systems, and other features, today's vehicles are safer than ever. But your car or truck may be missing a key safety feature needed to keep those around you safe: a backup camera. Approximately 10% of new vehicles today include this key option, but federal regulations may require that all new passenger cars and trucks have these devices in the near future. That's because installing a backup camera is the only way you can be truly sure your path is clear when you're reversing. Helping prevent both fender benders and tragic back-over accidents, backup cameras are a great way to make just about any vehicle safer!

At Autohaus Automotive, we're proud to offer a great selection of backup and rear view camera options to help improve your driving safety. Our mobile electronics team can help you determine which system best meets your needs as well as provide expert installation craftsmanship. One of our systems combines a flush-mounted rear view camera installed right into your vehicle's bumper with one of two screen types: we'll set you up with either a traditional dash screen or a replacement rearview mirror that displays images from your backup camera. Autohaus Automotive is committed to helping customize your backup camera installation and equipment to meet your particular budget and needs, so don't settle for one size fits all. Call today or visit our Hayward showroom to learn more about backup cameras and your vehicle.

The Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 18,000 people are injured and nearly 300 people are killed each year in back-over accidents. Almost half of those killed are children younger than 5 years old. These tragic accidents can be prevented when you install backup camera equipment on your car or truck! Helping you see everything that's in your path—from posts, trees, and fences to pets and people—rear view cameras from Autohaus Automotive can help keep your loved ones and your vehicle safe.

And don't forget: Autohaus Automotive also offers installation of reverse sensing systems. Regardless of whether you're in the market for a full backup camera system or just want a pair of reverse sensors installed, our experts can help. Contact us now for more information about backup camera installation, reverse sensing systems, and all of the safety equipment you need to drive with complete peace of mind!

Blind Spot Camera Systems

In addition to backup cameras, Autohaus Automotive also provides comprehensive sales and installation of blind spot sensors and cameras. These aftermarket systems from Accele and GCH give you a better picture of where nearby vehicles are at all times, ultimately helping keep you safer on the road. Our blind spot camera systems and sensors virtually eliminate any blind spots, so you can have peace of mind when you're on the road. If you're looking for the latest technology in blind spot systems, our professionals can help you understand how these innovative cameras and sensors work, assist you in finding the best components for your needs, and provide expert installation workmanship. Call or visit our showroom in Hayward today to learn more about a blind spot camera for your car or truck.

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